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This is the first installment in my series that will offer readers fantasy previews for all 32 NFL teams in the coming weeks. The first division I will cover is the AFC East and I will start with the Buffalo Bills.

As I mentioned I am originally from  xôi lạc tvWestern, NY so I am very familiar with the Bills. Lets face facts people the Bills have been non existent since Jim Kelly and crew left town 10 plus years ago. In terms of the fantasy impact that Bills players will make this season lets do some dissecting. First, lets start with the receivers. Obviously the main move the Bills made this off season was the acquisition of T.O. when he was released from the Cowboys. Although I was shocked at first that the Bills went after him the more I thought about it the more it made sense. As I mentioned before in a previous post the Bills are desperate for anyone who can bring some excitement to town and the fact that T.O signed with the Bills so quickly proves he knew there wasn’t much interest in him elsewhere. My friend and fellow columnist G Pepper hit the nail right on the head when he says:

“Only T.O.and only in Buffalo can you make a big splash by signing a one year deal, then tell the team the following week after that you’re going to work out from home and they ACCEPT it! That shows you how desperate they BOTH are. I did find Owens’ comment pretty funny: “I’ll workout with them if I am in the area.” Umm yeah because Buffalo is so close to anywhere you are travelling to.” It’s practically right next to Miami and Los Angeles, isn’t it? T.O. is there because he needs the Bills to try to showcase himself into one more fat contract.”

Brother, I couldn’t have said it any better. T.O. will be productive this year because he always has been no matter where he has played. How much production remains to be seen. He has a new QB (I am holding back the tears streaming down from my eyes) and must also become acclimated to the Buffalo weather which he is not accustomed to. All in all I expect Owens to put up in the neighborhood of 1000 yds and 6-8 TD’s. Those stats would make Owens an nice number 2 fantasy option heading into ’09. T.O.’s presence immediately helps out incumbent number 1 WR Lee Evans. Evans is a great deep ball threat and has been a nice player for the Bills since they drafted him in 2004 but as most fantasy owners can attest to tends to disappear for weeks at a time with little or no production. Owens will at the very least prevent teams from being able to double Evans and gives the Bills that other receiver they haven’t had since Evans has been on the team.