Is Cognac Your Favorite Brandy?


Cognac is on the west bank of France around 150 miles north of Armagnac. Despite the fact that 150 miles appears to be a brief distance the liquor created there, cognac, is completely not quite the same as armagnac.

Cognac Region

Cognac’s dirt contains limestone. There is a calm environment which is damp, on the coast, hot and bright which makes it conceivable to mature the grapes.

In any case, in Cognac the wine created wouldn’t be exceptionally fascinating were it not for the speculative chemistry that happens in the pot still. That creates the cognac.

The liquor is created from the sugar that is normally in the organic product.

The Pot-Still

It is made of copper totally on the grounds that copper has a catalyzing impact and won’t influence the flavor of the spirits. With the fire under the as yet warming the still the alcohols and ethers dissipate. The fumes hence made travel through a long loop, consolidate and afterward are gathered in fluid structure in an oak container.

Twofold Distillation

There are two warming patterns of around 12 hours each. During this refining the master cognac creator keeps just what is known as the core of the refining. It is isolated based on what are known and the heads and tails. This cycle is called cutting. Just the heart is saved for maturing which will then, at that point, become cognac. This is an extremely clear soul averaging somewhere in the range of 68 and 72% volume.

The Story of Cognac

My number one piece about cognac is konjakas the legend of how the mystery of twofold refining was found in the sixteenth century by the Knight Jacques de la Croix-Maron.

It is because of his horrible that we have cognac, so the story goes.

Satan, needing to have his spirit attempted to bubble it however didn’t succeed. It is the point at which Satan threatened to reboil it that the knight got up unexpectedly. He was then persuaded that by refining his wine a second time he would permit his wine to communicate itself thoughts in another manner.

The wine then, at that point, needs to mature prior to becoming cognac.


There is countless individuals who lean toward cognac as their liquor and will contend to the passing that there is none better.

I pass on it to you to make up your own psyche. Is cognac your #1 liquor?